Reviewing the video — How to Use Twitter Effectively – The Basics

Everyone has their opinions about how to make the most out of social media sites. While many of the tactics are generally the same, naturally, everybody has their unique tricks and tips they believe sets them apart from the crowd.

Casey S. McClure, who specializes in internet marketing, provides his advice on the basics of how to best utilize a Twitter account.


  • McClure is simple and to the point. He opens up the video by explaining himself and the goal he wants to accomplish. He explains that he has three basic steps for beginners and gets to describing them one-by-one.
  • McClure’s content is strong and helpful. He urges users to be concise, provide links (pictures, videos, etc..) and use hash tags. While making each point, he describes why they are important in a clear and understandable manner that is easy to keep up with.
  • Furthermore, McClure provides an example of what he believes is a strong Tweet going by his proposed advice. He makes the Tweet easily readable to the viewers and breaks it down step-by-step. While doing this, he explains why he composed the Tweet like he did as well as why he used the multiple numbers and symbols.
  • Also, McClure is effective in making a relatively short video (2:19) that doesn’t lose the interest of the audience. And in closing, he provides info on his future and other works, telling how he can be accessed in a few different ways.



  • There isn’t much not to like about McClure’s video. If we’re being nitpicky, he could have used some more visuals and effects to liven it up and really capture the audiences attention. He also could have added some light background music.



  • All in all, McClure captures just what he’s going for. He gives a basic, informative video in a timely manner that is easy for viewers to keep up with and understand. Any beginner on Twitter should check out what he has to say. Quite frankly, they should come away impressed and with a newly acquired set of basic social media skills.
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