Reviewing the website:

Quite simply, the independent website understands the impact of social media in today’s world and the significance there is in understanding the ins and outs of the various sites. Therefore, the editorial staff that runs the website supplies daily insight to Facebook, Twitter, and the numerous other networks, while also hosting open debates about the tools, platforms, companies and personalities that are changing the way the world consumes information.


Like all websites, has its positives as well as its negatives. Here are some of those pros and cons:


 Right away, anyone who is searching for knowledge of how to brush up on and enhance their social media skills is delighted with what the home page offers. On first glance, it is easy to see a few different social media topics that are analyzed in depth with articles and pictures. Even better, the website is updated frequently. For example, on Nov. 2, there were seven fresh articles posted that day. The articles are clearly separated and easy to distinguish from one another, thanks to well-placed pictures and titles. So the organization and fresh content gets a high-mark.

When it comes to content, is rich as can be. Furthermore, it appears to be top of the line. On Nov. 2, the titles of the top stories were: Social Media for Business: Never Miss a Trick, 4 Steps to Truly Amazing Social Media Results, Flexible Working: What Your Business Needs to Know. It’s easy to realize this website is past the beginner stage and for the more advanced. So if you’re just starting out, you may not want to jump right into the fire with this website.


Another positive is, not only do the articles appear professional and resourceful, but once you click the link and read, they are exactly that. The numerous authors are well-deserving of your attention just by their writing style and obvious knowledge of their topics. If you don’t believe it, you can easily click on their names and read about their backgrounds. So not only does appear smart, it is indeed smart.


 While many of the articles are well-placed and proportioned, the overall design of this website is a bit much. To its credit, there is plenty of information, but almost too much info appears on the home page. There are many, many words and only small, unappealing pictures throughout. To view this page, the reader really has to dig in and focus. Quite frankly, the set-up can confuse the eye.


In addition to the somewhat scattered articles is a side of the page that is just as confusing. There are a bunch of different sections – including Events, Popular, and Recommended Followers – but they are all jumbled and seem a bit forced.

In some cases with, less could be more.

The Verdict

 In all, it’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of This helpful site is rich with information, variety and links that could be very helpful to a wide range of users. Much of the information supplied is advanced, but some is also for beginners. So really, it is for any level of social media users. Although one must steer clear of the potential jumbled design and focus a little harder to analyze the info than they should have to, is a top of the line knowledge-provider in social media networking.

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