How to upload a picture to Twitter

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In the newspaper and magazine business, it is said that a picture is more valuable than the story. No matter how great the story and text is, without a picture, it loses its value and readership. Quite simply, people are drawn to images and colors.

When it comes to Twitter, same thing. Studies show that Tweets with a picture are more likely to get attention than Tweets without a picture. Give somebody a picture to view and they find it hard to pass up.

Some suggest that to be as effective as possible, most Tweets — if not all — should be posted with a picture. Sounds simple, right?

If not and you want to start using pictures with your Tweets, it is actually quite basic. Here are some easy steps to posting pictures on Twitter:

1. Go to the create a Tweet page where you would post a simple word message. Once you get there, you can either choose the camera in the middle of the page and take a picture or you can go to your photo album. Let’s assume you already have a picture in your photo album to upload. Click on the image of two pictures on the middle right side of your screen.


2. You’re photo album will then appear. Next, simply click on the picture you want to upload. (I chose my picture in the bottom left corner of my album.)


3. A screen-size image of your picture will now appear. Here you can edit it by cropping or filtering the image any way you want. When you are happy with how it looks, click the DONE button in the upper right corner.


4. Finally, your picture will appear in the window where you create your message. You can still add text in the “What’s Happening” area, or you can just post your picture. Whichever you choose, simply hit the TWEET button in the upper right corner.


Once you do this, you’ll have successfully and effectively posted a picture to Twitter.

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