5 Ways to Get People to Respond to Your Tweets

If you really look to the staple of what makes Twitter such a compelling social network, it all starts with the easy reply option. Without it, Twitter would be non-interactive and weighed-down by one-sided statements.

 So as Twitter users, we have to interact with others to gain followers, make connections and take full advantage of the website.

 The key here is to be able to attract attention with Tweets and garner responses. It may sound quite simple, but there are certain ways to be particularly effective in doing so.

 Here are my 5 ways to get people to respond to your Tweets:

 1. Uncommon is better – When you are tweeting, it’s easy to share common observations or everyday events. These are often mundane and typical. But if you can share something different, or breaking news, this is what attracts attention.

 Jesse Stanchak of http://smartblogs.com/social-media/2010/10/19/dan-zarella/ states that while speaking to an audience, Dan Zarrella – an expert on social media – claims that scarcity is best. He says that, “Tweets that center on news — particularly urgent information — are more likely to be retweeted. Content that is informative or entertaining also spreads well because these qualities are relatively rare.”

 2. Demand (Nicely, of course) – Another one of Zarrella’s tips is that simply asking for a retweet or response often works. Additionally, it’s a better idea to add a “please” in there, as kindness is never a bad idea.  From Stanchak’s smartblogs.com post – “if you add “Please Retweet” to a tweet, people are more likely to share it. The same goes for other calls to action — telling people what to do increases their likelihood of following through, he notes.”


 3. Tweet Frequently – Sounds simple, right? If you don’t Tweet often, people may forget about you. So try to get your thoughts and Tweets out on the regular, keeping yourself fresh in peoples minds. It also shows your open to conversing through the social network. As the blog http://www.seohosting.com/blog/social-networking/how-to-get-people-to-notice-your-tweets/ points out in this post,  “If you’re absent too often, they might just drop you from their list. That’s why I recommend trying to Tweet at least a few times a day.”

 4. Be Timely – There are good times to Tweet, bad times to Tweet and then great times to Tweet. Aim for those times that your followers are most active, most likely the slow times of the day, like during the late evening or early night. Jay, from his blog post on http://nowsourcing.com/2011/08/16/10-ways-to-make-your-tweets-stand-out/ adresses this tactic when saying, “Time your tweets doesn’t mean you should time them to publish every half hour.  It means you should know when your followers are most active and when you should be most active as well.”

 5. Brevity – Keeping your tweets shorter is an advantage for a couple reasons. First off, it allows people room to comment with re-tweets and sub-tweets. Also, staying shorter and straight to the point is more effective in getting the point across, similar to a newspaper headline. As http://pushingsocial.com/how-to-get-your-tweets-noticed/ states in this article, “I try to keep my tweets below 100 characters to leave ample room for re-tweets.  It’s a simple change that has drastically increased sharing of my tweets.”


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