Five Strong Social Media Help Resources

Naturally, as vast and as wide as social media networks range and spread, there are numerous different angles for how to best utilize them. The tactics are aplenty and there are many different opinions on what should be done to take full advantage.

Rather than imitate one believed technique, it may be best to browse a variety of opinions and combine the best advice from each into one strong method.

Here are five websites that lend help on utilizing social media that can be scanned for their best particular information:

The website is an extremely helpful one, maybe the best out there. By posting a handful of daily articles written by worthy authors, a reader’s need for fresh, updated info is satisfied.


You can easily scan through the website and read about a number of different social media topics, ranging from beginners info to more advanced articles.

Its best quality is the abundance of information it offers to go along with its engaging set up. If you have a question or need advice on nearly any social media topic, the first place you should go to is

Mack Collier is a social media strategist, and with his website, he provides his expert strategies to the world.


First off, Collier offers his advice to be purchased for personal sessions to hone your particular social media project. He can help large companies as well as the individual. But even more, his website has numerous blog posts regarding help with social media that is easily accessible.

The content is strong and appropriate for all levels of social media users.

Designed to guide you mainly in business marketing, is a more advanced social media help network, but one that offers a variety of services.

Specifically, it presents itself as a Twitter strategy, Facebook marketing and overall internet consultant rolled into one trustworthy product. The Schipul team offers free services and tutorials through article posts and videos. They can be easily reached through email and guarantee high-quality service.

This website can be best utilized for one-on-one, detailed help. If that’s your area of need, make sure to pay a visit.

Steve Lawson is an expert in social media and has – self-proclaimed – been in the business from its beginning years. On, he details his journeys and offers his advice through blog posts and videos.


His videos include professional speaking and interviews he’s done, while his articles pertain to a variety of different social media subjects, many focused on connecting social media to music.

Basically, Steve Lawson is another person that offers his expert opinion, but in a different, quirky way. His delivery is somewhat unique and he provides altered, yet still seemingly effective approaches.

This website is a free, non-sponsored social media help database that simply offers help to those who need it. While it doesn’t overwhelm you with its setup or appearance, has a collection of social media articles that can be extremely valuable.


Also, the topics are wide-ranging and aplenty, so you will most likely find the answer to the question you have.

Quite simply, is a hidden gem in terms of the knowledge it possesses, and shouldn’t be overlooked or passed over.

Combined… these websites provide a strong guidance to numerous different aspects of the social media world. Browse these carefully, determine what advice and information is most valuable from each and you can put together a strong package of social media skills and tactics.

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Reviewing the video — How to Use Twitter Effectively – The Basics

Everyone has their opinions about how to make the most out of social media sites. While many of the tactics are generally the same, naturally, everybody has their unique tricks and tips they believe sets them apart from the crowd.

Casey S. McClure, who specializes in internet marketing, provides his advice on the basics of how to best utilize a Twitter account.


  • McClure is simple and to the point. He opens up the video by explaining himself and the goal he wants to accomplish. He explains that he has three basic steps for beginners and gets to describing them one-by-one.
  • McClure’s content is strong and helpful. He urges users to be concise, provide links (pictures, videos, etc..) and use hash tags. While making each point, he describes why they are important in a clear and understandable manner that is easy to keep up with.
  • Furthermore, McClure provides an example of what he believes is a strong Tweet going by his proposed advice. He makes the Tweet easily readable to the viewers and breaks it down step-by-step. While doing this, he explains why he composed the Tweet like he did as well as why he used the multiple numbers and symbols.
  • Also, McClure is effective in making a relatively short video (2:19) that doesn’t lose the interest of the audience. And in closing, he provides info on his future and other works, telling how he can be accessed in a few different ways.



  • There isn’t much not to like about McClure’s video. If we’re being nitpicky, he could have used some more visuals and effects to liven it up and really capture the audiences attention. He also could have added some light background music.



  • All in all, McClure captures just what he’s going for. He gives a basic, informative video in a timely manner that is easy for viewers to keep up with and understand. Any beginner on Twitter should check out what he has to say. Quite frankly, they should come away impressed and with a newly acquired set of basic social media skills.
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Reviewing the website:

Quite simply, the independent website understands the impact of social media in today’s world and the significance there is in understanding the ins and outs of the various sites. Therefore, the editorial staff that runs the website supplies daily insight to Facebook, Twitter, and the numerous other networks, while also hosting open debates about the tools, platforms, companies and personalities that are changing the way the world consumes information.


Like all websites, has its positives as well as its negatives. Here are some of those pros and cons:


 Right away, anyone who is searching for knowledge of how to brush up on and enhance their social media skills is delighted with what the home page offers. On first glance, it is easy to see a few different social media topics that are analyzed in depth with articles and pictures. Even better, the website is updated frequently. For example, on Nov. 2, there were seven fresh articles posted that day. The articles are clearly separated and easy to distinguish from one another, thanks to well-placed pictures and titles. So the organization and fresh content gets a high-mark.

When it comes to content, is rich as can be. Furthermore, it appears to be top of the line. On Nov. 2, the titles of the top stories were: Social Media for Business: Never Miss a Trick, 4 Steps to Truly Amazing Social Media Results, Flexible Working: What Your Business Needs to Know. It’s easy to realize this website is past the beginner stage and for the more advanced. So if you’re just starting out, you may not want to jump right into the fire with this website.


Another positive is, not only do the articles appear professional and resourceful, but once you click the link and read, they are exactly that. The numerous authors are well-deserving of your attention just by their writing style and obvious knowledge of their topics. If you don’t believe it, you can easily click on their names and read about their backgrounds. So not only does appear smart, it is indeed smart.


 While many of the articles are well-placed and proportioned, the overall design of this website is a bit much. To its credit, there is plenty of information, but almost too much info appears on the home page. There are many, many words and only small, unappealing pictures throughout. To view this page, the reader really has to dig in and focus. Quite frankly, the set-up can confuse the eye.


In addition to the somewhat scattered articles is a side of the page that is just as confusing. There are a bunch of different sections – including Events, Popular, and Recommended Followers – but they are all jumbled and seem a bit forced.

In some cases with, less could be more.

The Verdict

 In all, it’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of This helpful site is rich with information, variety and links that could be very helpful to a wide range of users. Much of the information supplied is advanced, but some is also for beginners. So really, it is for any level of social media users. Although one must steer clear of the potential jumbled design and focus a little harder to analyze the info than they should have to, is a top of the line knowledge-provider in social media networking.

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YSU athletics use of social media

When it comes to promoting and marketing, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have obviously become a main tool. Recently, profesional and collegiate athletics have embraced this tactic in showing off its team or teams.

Recently, the athletic department at Youngstown State University has incorportated social media into its promoting efforts. Jamie Hall — an Assistant Sports Information Director whose duties include handling the networks — described how the Penguins use these to their advantage.

-How does YSU sports utilize social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Hall: We use social media to promote our student-athletes, coaches, and events.

-What are the biggest advantages of social media for YSU sports in terms of marketing the athletic teams?

Hall: The biggest advantage of using social media to market our teams is that we can control our message. Also, those fans that “follow” or “like” us on social media outlets receive updates and news immediately.


-How do you believe YSU sports’ use of social media compares to other universities efforts?

Hall: We are a small staff and charged with managing all of the social media sites of our sports. Each of us cover different sports that we manage, but we collaborate and on the main @YSUsports and facebook pages. In those terms, I think our social media efforts compare favorably. Some other schools have their own social media manager, and that person’s sole function is to manage social media. For us, it has been added to our other duties, like public relations, statistics, website updates and content

 -What have you guys found to be the most effective tactics to connect with fans through social media?

Hall: A good example of us connecting with our fans was our #PackTheCastle twitter campaign for our football game against Illinois State on Oct. 12. We also have been trying to use twitter and facebook for giveaways. For example, we held a contest to giveaway two chairback football seats. Fans had to follow @YSUsports and send in their most school-spirited photo. With contests like that, we try to cross-promote between twitter and facebook.

In essence, it all depends on the creativity a staff has and the lengths they want to go to in determining how effective and valuable social media can really be for their product. Quite simply, the networks have become a great way to connect fans with the team.

As Hall described, YSU believes social media can have a significant roll in promoting the Penguins, so look for their staff to continue to embrace these opportunities.

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How to upload a picture to Twitter

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In the newspaper and magazine business, it is said that a picture is more valuable than the story. No matter how great the story and text is, without a picture, it loses its value and readership. Quite simply, people are drawn to images and colors.

When it comes to Twitter, same thing. Studies show that Tweets with a picture are more likely to get attention than Tweets without a picture. Give somebody a picture to view and they find it hard to pass up.

Some suggest that to be as effective as possible, most Tweets — if not all — should be posted with a picture. Sounds simple, right?

If not and you want to start using pictures with your Tweets, it is actually quite basic. Here are some easy steps to posting pictures on Twitter:

1. Go to the create a Tweet page where you would post a simple word message. Once you get there, you can either choose the camera in the middle of the page and take a picture or you can go to your photo album. Let’s assume you already have a picture in your photo album to upload. Click on the image of two pictures on the middle right side of your screen.


2. You’re photo album will then appear. Next, simply click on the picture you want to upload. (I chose my picture in the bottom left corner of my album.)


3. A screen-size image of your picture will now appear. Here you can edit it by cropping or filtering the image any way you want. When you are happy with how it looks, click the DONE button in the upper right corner.


4. Finally, your picture will appear in the window where you create your message. You can still add text in the “What’s Happening” area, or you can just post your picture. Whichever you choose, simply hit the TWEET button in the upper right corner.


Once you do this, you’ll have successfully and effectively posted a picture to Twitter.

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5 Ways to Get People to Respond to Your Tweets

If you really look to the staple of what makes Twitter such a compelling social network, it all starts with the easy reply option. Without it, Twitter would be non-interactive and weighed-down by one-sided statements.

 So as Twitter users, we have to interact with others to gain followers, make connections and take full advantage of the website.

 The key here is to be able to attract attention with Tweets and garner responses. It may sound quite simple, but there are certain ways to be particularly effective in doing so.

 Here are my 5 ways to get people to respond to your Tweets:

 1. Uncommon is better – When you are tweeting, it’s easy to share common observations or everyday events. These are often mundane and typical. But if you can share something different, or breaking news, this is what attracts attention.

 Jesse Stanchak of states that while speaking to an audience, Dan Zarrella – an expert on social media – claims that scarcity is best. He says that, “Tweets that center on news — particularly urgent information — are more likely to be retweeted. Content that is informative or entertaining also spreads well because these qualities are relatively rare.”

 2. Demand (Nicely, of course) – Another one of Zarrella’s tips is that simply asking for a retweet or response often works. Additionally, it’s a better idea to add a “please” in there, as kindness is never a bad idea.  From Stanchak’s post – “if you add “Please Retweet” to a tweet, people are more likely to share it. The same goes for other calls to action — telling people what to do increases their likelihood of following through, he notes.”


 3. Tweet Frequently – Sounds simple, right? If you don’t Tweet often, people may forget about you. So try to get your thoughts and Tweets out on the regular, keeping yourself fresh in peoples minds. It also shows your open to conversing through the social network. As the blog points out in this post,  “If you’re absent too often, they might just drop you from their list. That’s why I recommend trying to Tweet at least a few times a day.”

 4. Be Timely – There are good times to Tweet, bad times to Tweet and then great times to Tweet. Aim for those times that your followers are most active, most likely the slow times of the day, like during the late evening or early night. Jay, from his blog post on adresses this tactic when saying, “Time your tweets doesn’t mean you should time them to publish every half hour.  It means you should know when your followers are most active and when you should be most active as well.”

 5. Brevity – Keeping your tweets shorter is an advantage for a couple reasons. First off, it allows people room to comment with re-tweets and sub-tweets. Also, staying shorter and straight to the point is more effective in getting the point across, similar to a newspaper headline. As states in this article, “I try to keep my tweets below 100 characters to leave ample room for re-tweets.  It’s a simple change that has drastically increased sharing of my tweets.”


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Impact of Social Media

I believe the most interesting thing about social media is its ability to connect people together all over the world. From Facebook to Twitter, social media has grown into an unbelievable tool to quickly inform people with the latest news in numerous different ways.

Reporting and Connecting

One of its biggest advantages is how it can be used to break news. For example, the recent school shootings were reported faster than ever before through Twitter.

Another great thing about social media is how it allows you to connect with people like never before. The average person can easily communicate with the celebrity through Facebook and Twitter.

Also it, allows you to stay in touch with friends and family no matter where they live.

However, this has its advantages and disadvantages.

Sometimes the ability to release news and thoughts so easily can backfire, providing the public with too much information that can cause trouble or controversy.

Athletes and politicians struggle with this because their words are scrutinized more than the average person’s.

In the Future

In the future, I imagine social media will continue to grow bigger than I can even think. Personally, I will use social media to my advantage the best I can.

I’ll try to use it to find jobs and take advantage of other opportunities. Also, being in the news reporting field, I will use it to report and break news, and promote my stories as well as other important news.

I’ll probably use it in others ways that haven’t even been developed yet in the ever-evolving social media world.

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